FuturePrimitive aromatic perfumery - inspired by our natural surroundings and ancient traditions.
Potent blends of plant extracts, essences, and fine aromas.
We hand-blend our aromatic into a coconut oil base, which helps to anchor the scent, and also helps keep your scent fresher for longer. The coconut oil does not have a scent so it will not interfere with your chosen blend.

Each 5ml apothecary glass bottle comes with an orifice reducer cap, which helps you control the amount you put onto your skin.
Our Eau de Parfum perfumes are suspended in perfumers alcohol, and have a regular spray cap. 

The perfumes are packaged in boxes with all relevant information including any allergens, which may be present.
They are designed to be applied to the pressure points.

WARNING: To avoid any irritation do not apply to freshly shaved/broken skin. Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only.